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Online - Live - For Beginners and Intermediate

NOVEMBER 19-20, 2022

10 hours of watercolor, covering all the basics from wet-on-wet, to dry brush, paints and brands, why are there different watercolor papers and what are they for, styles of watercolor and possibilities with other mediums, how to use masking, and more.

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Art for Peaceful Change

Watercolours and zen paintings focused on shared hopes for the future. Valuing diversity in society, in nature, and within ourselves.

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À chaque fois que je me réveille le matin, je regarde ses dessins er immédiatement me je sens bien


I love her (the painting)!!! And I love the way the green whispers down into the blue.

Those marigolds look like they are glowing. The colors look just like the marigolds I still have in the garden


This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Avery Smith

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Yes! This is where you can poke me for more information on ANYTHING (ok, almost anything).

Commissions are open, and I put my heart into painting each one of them. So if you have any questions about how much time it takes, prices, if something is even possible to make, don't hesitate to ask.

Also feel free to send a word if you have questions about the website, private courses, or about my kind of art. 

If you are an artist, collaboration and development of projects are very welcome and appreciated. 

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