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This collection is a humorous reminder of struggles during the Covid-19 Pandemic, by Tati Tung.

High quality lightfast watercolour DS pigments on Arches 100% cotton paper Cold Press.

How to NOT wear a Mask: Text
How to NOT wear a Mask: Projects


During 2021, we asked people all around the world to send us a photo of 'How to NOT wear a mask' through social media,  more particularly on Instagram. All original ideas were painted in watercolours and added to this incredible wall of infamous possibilities.

The brightness of colours and the ludicrous approach to the theme gives a lighter perspective to a sensitive matter. It is an invitation to play, for each one to find their own interesting way of contribute on raising awareness of the masks role in the society of that time. 

Masks are always painted in blue colours as a reference of the blue garments used in hospitals, the blue that is commonly present in any reference health institutions. 

The cold hues for the masks combined with the warmer colours for the portraits create a unifying front, representing the idea that we are all part of the same community, with the same worries, sharing similar goals of safety and care.

How to NOT wear a Mask: Bio
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