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Portraits for Xmas!

It is ready!!!

For months, I’ve been working on the website to be able to offer an easy platform where to choose a gift to surprise and be remembered for ages to come.

It is incredible how long it takes to organize everything! But it was all worth it, thinking about how happy is is possible to make people be. I say it because mine is always at my living room and it reminds me every day of a very happy moment with my son imitating a very famous Brazilian cartoon character of Ziraldo called Menino Maluquinho.

We were at my mother-in-law’s country house, so many family members together laughing and having fun, when my kid comes to surprise us with a pan on his head. We all started laughing, and that’s the only thing we did for a few minutes. A photo was taken but very dark and blurred, although the moment was colourful and happy. So portray that, a portrait! And that’s how the first watercolour of my son came to be.

With these thoughts, I decided to offer this service. Hoping to contribute to happiness, to make a precious moment even more precious, and part of our everyday lives.

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