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What and why do I paint?

This was this week’s challenge on my art group. And there are so many answers… I started painting because I just love it. It brings me peace, it forces me to be always learning, always discovering something amazing about nature and colours. It allows a venue to express ideas – as they say, an image is worth a thousand words.

But more and more, it got a more specific direction. I wanted to paint about was really important to me, about what I believe. And I believe in kindness, family, and diversity.

So many times I heard “you are so nice”, “people usually don’t do that (about me helping them)”, and even got me in very strange situations where people mistook my kindness for something else. But I always believed that the world is what we make of it, and I want kindness to be part of mine, as much as I hope it can be part of yours.

Family are the ones that are truly on your side. Very good friends also do the trick. I am talking about those people that you love and make your life precious everyday. That they are there when needed, they are the one you worry for, the ones that are a big part of the person that you are.

And diversity is really in my heart as one of the most precious and strangely under-appreciated aspects of the world. Difference is what allows discovery, learning, surprise!

I always love to learn about the different animals and plants in the world, some so exquisite that makes me curious for days to come.

I love meeting people that are different then me, that have different cultural backgrounds, very different life experiences, different views. Because it creates dialogue, makes me understand how my understanding of life was small, and those casual conversations make it a bit bigger.

I am also fascinated by the differences we have within ourselves. The ones that create conflicts, the ones that will lead to personal growth.

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